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The emergence of Satria Piningit closer ( Java, Indonesian Story )

I salute the efforts of all nations masakini generation who care about traditional values and local culture that never deliver the earth archipelago in the era of glory. And trying to trace the history of the greatness of their ancestors who were slumped this nation. How can we appreciate the archipelago of the earth without us knowing and caring what happens, what and how great the struggle of the ancestors in the past. As we know, this nation there are many historical falsehood, from the ancient history, ordebaru to order reforms. Country full of falsehood, hypocrisy, and public victimization. How 'soul and it will be healthy raga'bangsa sentosa, while construction is composed of' flesh and blood 'dirty, rotten, smelly, and many diseases. Truth be covered up with a 'veil' of religion, with physical violence, threats dogmatic, with anarchist actions, with the strength and power of legal and ilegal.Banyak also a bold claim to be heroes who claimed the most sacred and guaranteed to become an expert heaven, and admitted carrying 'torches' life comes with a fragmentation bomb 'world of darkness', and admitted as a bearer of 'stick' enforcement of truth. His actions only produce a strong impression in the community as a form of morality and acts of ignorance / stupid that on his face implied lust anger.


Ironic, traditions and culture of its own noble ancestors regarded as a source of error, polytheistic, polytheism, and therefore should not interfere dihancurleburkan football lunge for the claimant 'messenger' of God. Instead, they better appreciate the values of tradition, culture, dogma, which is imported from other nations ancestors. But apparently many of their actions that anarchists do not make people shudder to re-examine the noble cultural values and traditions of our own ancestors who proved to have led to the era of glory.
It has become the will of the law of nature, into the formula the Lord, that truth was never lost by kebathilan. Even if the truth came too late. When it was time God wills, behold, right is right and wrong is wrong. It's just human tasks must be aware and vigilant, because the arrival kebathilan, evil, malice, hypocrisy sometimes born precisely from the thoughts fanatical, dogmatic textual, shallow thought, even the element of manipulation in understanding the holy book of any name. If the evaluation set aside the grace of God that is the most common sense, the soul of the clear, clean heart, or even manipulate it for the interest group, class and legitimize an act of brutal and anarchists, undoubtedly religion with dogma-dogma into a sophisticated instrument or tool for mengancurkan formula -formula of God and the world order itself. Humans are more often had difficulty reading the signs (language) of God. Man to be unaware that the truth can not always come through religious dogma and scripture, but directly from God through natural language. Unfortunately, we often deny and deny it in a cynical and foolhardy. Hopefully all the readers of this paper does not include such human type. Therefore in Javanese culture is recommended to everyone to wise and prudent in reading the signs and symptoms of nature, so humans can understand the intent and will of God, (Java: nggayuh kawicaksananing Gustavo).
Wirayat Invisibility.

Uncover the mystery of who his true character and Noyogenggong Sabdopalon twin brothers. Many who approached the analysis and interpretation of meanings which make sense and can explain in detail the chronology and the existence of Sabdapalon-Noyogenggong. Predictions or forecasts written since ancient times as in the fiber Kalatida R Ronggowarsito, Jongko Joyoboyo ing Kadhiri, KPH Cakraningrat, ISKS PB III, IV (fiber Centini) and PB VI form sanepan / conundrum / guesses to be hard to be interpreted literally / wadag but only if the inner hrs through in-depth reply. Unless there is also a distinguished KPH Cakraningrat more straightforward interpretation that is in the works of Gustavo Mangkunegoro Wedhatama fibers IV and Chronicle Centini since PB III s / d PB, V, is more explicit you can grope anyone actually Sabdapalon & Noyogenggong.

He Sabdapalon and Noyogenggong not Satrio Piningit (SP) as referred to some people. He entity has existed since 2500 years more, of course before the dialectical mystery Satra-SP appears in ancient literature. He is not a leader or a king but a figure who always take care of (Java: woman,) to each of the kings of the earth archipelago. SP connotation is the knight who plays as a hero or a spiritual leader and statesman, but his status as a knight difficult allegedly mistaken. Before he led the nation's hard to figure exposed by the general public, except those who have a high mind's eye. SP none other than the Queen of Justice (RA). SP or Ratu Adil is a very distinguished knight disguised his true identity, it is also known Satrio Piningit. He will NEVER be admitted (claim) to the audience let alone mengekpose himself in public as Satrio Piningit or Ratu Adil. But other people who would call him, because all the personal character and his struggle in accordance with the mission of the Kalipatullah Paneteb Panatagama, Satria Pinandhita Sinisihan Revelation, Ratu Adil Herucakra, that the signs have been disclosed earlier in ancient predictions. Fair Queen will be a farm advisor / mentor / dahyang the great kings and all human caregivers and Noyogenggong Sabdopalon namely Java. So the concept Sabdopalon-Noyogenggong, with Ratu Adil Satria Piningit or different concepts, stand alone but has a string or series of roles that are very close. They will be present as the representative of God (kalifatullah), leader (imam mahdi / messiah / herucakra) which are universal covers the entire religion, nation, tribe, race, class in an effort to save the earth, especially the earth archipelago.
Sabdalangit will not discuss at length about the concept of Sabdapalon-Noyogenggong. But will explore the meaning in metaphor ancient literature, about the mystery of SP or RA and its relation with Sabdapalon-Noyogenggong and signs of the times his presence. Praise to God Almighty, after going through the 'conduct' a very old spiritual, Sabdalangit has received very little description and answers to the big mystery.

Ratu Adil contrast to the concept Sabdopalon-Noyogenggong, Ratu Adil has its own concept of a clear and unequivocal. Queen is the figure or figures sex women who become 'king' or leader, or a statesman. Being a 'queen' of this nation, with the basic attitude of fair, wise, honest and assertive (Wedha trident weapons) and 'sword katresnan' very sharp form of sacred intention, with the ocean of love. Shelter under the umbrella of yellow (the truth). Queen just came from the mountain srandil (top concern, Broto topo, topo Ngrame, loro wirang).
Being in the womb / mother's womb for more than telung podho (3 years) as a topo brotonya. His soul has been galvanized by the ancestors of the earth archipelago. Fair queens from arab lands (incidentally Islam) that enforce the 'Gomo mind'. Gomo mind does not mean that literally is the Buddhist religion, but upholding morality (Islam: hablum minannas) any noble or religious basis. (See; betal Drying Quraisyin Adammakna / book betal sunbathe vol 7). Later earth archipelago will be fair, fertile, prosperous, become 'mecca' of the world, on the future of each tribe will revive ancestral cultural values of the archipelago of the earth who have experienced its heyday in the past. The differences of tribe, race, religion became the material for burning spirit of Unity in Diversity, comes down to integrity and unity of the nation, in the archipelago.

The characteristics of Ratu Adil

1. Ratu Adil: queen has a meaning of a woman leader outside the pretty, fair and wise as a leader of the archipelago reaching the earth's prosperity, welfare, peace and happiness.
2. A man wearing an Old Name; not mean that such designation grandmother, ki, clerics, etc, but the real old name like eg 'Sekar Kedaton'
3. Weapons Ratu Adil; Sword sirullah (pedhang katresnan) Rahsa true, fair queen of weapons including a 'very sharp sword' of pure intentions and the sea of love to others regardless of what religion, tribe, race and faction.
4. Under the umbrella of yellow; courage stood on the foundation of truth that is universal.
5. Lumuh bandha; although Ratu Adil is the figure of a successful future economy and prosper, prosperous, but his life was not crazy treasure, even with his wealth will be donated to people who desperately need, because Ratu Adil ( Fair Queen )  likes helping people who suffer, toil and trouble .
6. Kalipatullah panetep panatagama; born in the archipelago of the earth to carry out the mandate of Almighty God, as a leader who offers many lessons about the meaning of life on earth (country) so that people can understand the true meaning of religion. A deep understanding of religion will foster mutual respect, hand in hand, and help all religious people to understand what the real nature of religion itself, so no more conflicts between religions, primordialism, racism, attitudes ipokrit. Minimal archipelago on earth.
7. Babies born by fair queen candidates for a mother who had come out gray hair, didampini two baby boys who face handsome handsome as his twin brother. Baby fair queen candidates born from the womb of the mother as well as triplets (triplets), a woman in the middle of the two men as her twin brother and sister. Sister of Ratu Adil, since I was in the mother's womb already there are signs have extraordinary talent in the medical field, while the fair queen's younger brother, since I was in the womb of his mother also has a magic super-genius who can not be measured the ability of his brain. Later, at birth three become assets of the Indonesian nation will able to bring prosperity and justice of all people.
8. Third baby, from birth (even since Dlm mother's womb) are able to communicate with mothers and fathers. As a preparation to be a great asset and a potential savior of the earth people of the archipelago, the three trained since I was in the womb of her mother about various science and science 'linuwih'. Therefore Ratu Adil since birth has brought exceptional talent and ability in terms of religion, magic, joyokawijayan, though kanuragan (martial arts), inner and outer kawaskitan a very tall, wise, noble performance or in attitude (as a legacy from her mother). Queen just has a field of expertise Dlm constitutional, political, until such beksa arts or dance, art song of Java, and also in tataboga clever.

Since its still in the womb Dlm mother's womb, the subtle body / spirit, has been galvanized by the grandparent-eyangnya own ancestors from among the nobility and royalty (lineages from the mother) who first became Queen Gung Natapraja Binatara. With subject matter includes science magic, kedigjayaan, constitutional, law, politics, economics, arts (dance and song), cooking. Lesson material including fibers Wulang Reh, Wulang Sunu, history, various kinds of mysticism, the book Wedhatama, Chronicle Centini, pangreh Praja and still so many Java books of the past. Ratu Adil magnanimity character derived from his mother who has taught a lot about the character of virtue and probity since still in the womb. Fair Queen Candidates also receive guidance by the ancestral lineage of his father who from among ordinary people as well as descendants of Kyai, includes magic, heavy mascara, also taught makrifat meaning of Islam and the essence of all religions on earth archipelago. Spirit of fair queen candidates, the will of Almighty God, already prepared and sanctioned by the ancestors of the earth archipelago, including the king and all the queen / king of the magical universe, among them Queen of South, Betara Kala, and all princes from all over the virtual universe Earth archipelago provides prayer and give blessing to the candidate Ratu Adil to later save and lead this nation back to its heyday.
PREDICTION; on the basis of sharpness
Rahsa TRUE
To reduce controversy and confusion, while I reviewed the true Queen of South. He is a permanent entity as human beings as God's creatures. He was very religious, wise, also worship the God Almighty. He is not a genie, not a phantom, not a demon countrymen. South Queen is the incarnation of an angel who allowed God to be queen of the south coast virtual universe. God created the entity Queen of South to be a pendulum balance between the supernatural and the real world. Supposedly between humans and supernatural beings, build synergism; with each other "relationship", appreciate, have a mutual symbiotic relationship, harmony and work together to maintain harmony in the universe from destruction. Humans with supernatural beings in arasnya can be complementary, each filling their respective weaknesses. But people are often arrogant, feeling as God's most perfect creature that prefers to waste, insult, persecution, and condescending, to the supernatural creature (who is also God's creation) across the board. Yet the perfection of human minds it just depends. When the mind is used to support crime is not human is nothing more noble than the most despicable animals though.

Not all the evil character of supernatural beings, like humans there is an evil character, rather annoying, but there is a good character too. But supernatural beings already often becomes a scapegoat, by human-human "evil" in order to argue that they committed crimes caused by "the devil". Is not, people would be more prudent to say that people commit crimes because comply desires (NAR / fire / to-I's) himself who becomes the 'devil'. Dear Readers can see themselves, when the holy month comes, the devils chained up, but why in the month of fasting still many cases of corruption, murder, thief, robber, penggendam, fraud, I never even saw a man possessed, had also seen ' apparition '!? Perhaps people misunderstood, the devil is chained up is none other than our own negative passions. And the negative passions handcuff (NAR) is nothing but the duty of our own, with handcuffs intangible holy soul (NUR) or an nafsul Mutmainah, with articulation intellect and noble character.
In contrast to the concept of South Queen, is touted Kala Betara king supernatural beings from the 'world of darkness'. Called this because they Betara Kala find the human victim. But should not rush to the conclusion that Betara Kala is an evil creature of the unseen world of 'black'. Characters' jahat'nya, because Betara Kala just run the command of God or nature, as the executor / executioner for those who fight against human nature as God's creatures, including an executor for someone who violate paugeran and wewaler. Kala Betara role similar to the South Queen as a balancer between the universe of small and large universe. Building a synergism between the human world with the supernatural beings of the world. If people believe in these roles, the benefits in our daily lives just to build a religious attitude, we become more careful in running a life full of "mine". Humans always keep themselves in a manner eling lan alert. More and more people forget themselves; not aware of the alert, like breaking wewaler, then sooner or later God will give punishment, either in the form of humanitarian disasters and natural disasters on earth archipelago.
Although today more and more people who seem very religious, religion claiming to be heroes, good sermons, but many of them are actually very superficial knowledge, their knowledge limited to "skin". These groups do not realize when you're stuffed to eat 'skin' (shari'ah) only. Next comes the more intense symptoms appear as a defender of human good religion to justify the ways of violence and verbal pedagogue. The more the number of people who seemed pious-Solehah, enterprising go to church, but they proved the more nefarious deeds, corruption, cheating, robbing the rights of others, rape, steal, cheat, harm people, eating the fence plant. Of course they do it with consciousness while searching for the proposition that making it up as a justification. Small mistakes be exaggerated, but clearly a great crime was ignored.

CANDIDATE harbinger Satria Piningit
Jangkajayabaya; Word Invisibility
Original baboon kagunganipun Dalem Prince Airport Harya Suryanegara ing Ngayugyakarta
Wirayat kanthi dahuru, lalakone wuri era, kang badhe Jumeneng Nata, amengku bawana jawi, kusuma trahing Narendra, kang Sinung panggalih sacred.
(The signs started with the emergence of a riot, the incidence of later times, which will be the leader in Java Island (Archipelago), a descendant of the king, who has a pure heart.
Ing mangke karseng Hyang Agung, taksih sinengker marmaning, akeh ingkang katambuhan, mung kang the act of the mind, Sinung weruh Dening prince, iku kang mastani saged.
(In the future, has become the will of God Almighty, but now the veil was still in the secrets of God, many people do not know, just people who want to cultivate his mind, allowed the Lord to know (before accomplished), that's the one who no doubt)
Dene wontene dahuru, sasampune Hardi Mrapi, roaring so gung dahara, Sigar tengahira cadi lepen milli Toya lava, ngidul ngetan njog waterside.
(While the emergence of a riot (indicated) after Mount Merapi severe flare (burst) by reason of disaster (earthquake), (Merapi) split in the middle like a river, flowing inside the water (rain) brings cold lava, its direction to the southeast, lava brought on by cold water, washed into the sea to the south.

 Mount Merapi

Description: This sign has happened in the year 2007.

Map of Mount Merapi

Glacap named Gegerboyo Mount Merapi (crocodile's back) is now a distant memory
this as one sign that has been predicted hundreds of years ago
Myang amblese Glacapgunung, sarta ing nagri Madura, Surabaya lan meh gathuk, sabibaripun tumuli, Wiwit dahuru lonlona, Soyo Soyo ndadi Lami.
(Signs backs G Merapi (popularly called the crocodile's back or sensation Boyo) vanish / landslides. As well as Surabaya and Madura almost met the mainland.
Description: Boyo Geger collapse occurred from May to June of 2006 after the Yogyakarta earthquake, followed by a devastating eruption of Mount Merapi.
Island or region of Surabaya-Madura almost met the mainland, has occurred because jebolnya Lapindo mud being dumped into the Strait of Madura. Another interpretation; bridge that connects the city of Surabaya with Madura or longest bridge is almost finished.
Temah great battle, rurusuh mratah sabumi mungsuhe karuwan compaction, polahe creature keha sami, cadi grain den interan, Montang-manting urip noisy. Papati atumpuk undhung, villages were messy, Kutha-Kutha link failure,
kalih palace manggih kinkin, ing kaleban Sala Toya, Ngayugyakarta Sumingkir.
(After that great conflict, unrest spread throughout the earth, the cause is unclear, human behavior is the same, like a grain ditampi, topsy-turvy fight for life. Mass deaths occur everywhere, profanity villages, cities a lot happening damage, the two kingdoms (Yogyakarta and Solo) disaster occurs, in Solo kingdom "inundated" Yogyakarta eliminated .
Description: * conflict between the heir to the throne between Hangabehi with Tejowulan, 
While Kraton Jogja eliminated because they do not get the boy as the Crown Prince of the prospective heir to the throne.
When this has happened.
Murca queen sing Palace, ngilang kalingan cecendis, sanget kasangsayanira, wus karsaning Hyang Widi ( God ), supernatural ingkang kelampahan, kinarya Buwana behind.
(Queen / king left the palace, fame lose with troublemakers echo the traitor, all it has become the will of God, the supernatural happen, make things completely upside-down era.

Knight is not a graduate of the immune IPDN punches and punch, Satria also not white-robed man who shouted the name of the Lord while burn and destroy anything that is not sefaham with him.
Knight also was not the intellectuals who are good at talking, while stealing rations the poor. Knight also was not fond of the burly uniformed arms while yelling at people. The Knights also are not human beings in uniform, which likes to blew the whistle to get the money.
The knight is the idiot who either by accident or by mistake What was born at the time was wrong, at a time when the truth becomes goods rare, at a time of lust and greedy in power, at the time where Prophet and Apostle Become a terrible scourge. The knight is the son of man is weak, which were prepared by suffering. By verbal insulting and blasphemous. The knight was the son of man blind and deaf, unable to see and hear nothing except that in desirkan by his heart.
He just follow the subtle swish his heart, so often it becomes visible very stupid. Because of stupid, So he remains innocent. Deceived and defrauded the daily activities that keep menguncang soul-shaking for strapping stood staring at the sun with favorite citaan, for her feet become immune to walk the streets rocky gravels without footwear. If you are a knight, then swallow what is given Him. Chew, Swallow and digest. Although it is painful, although it was sore. Not expandable heavenly sugar that is often in Umbar by mouth-mouth flavorful wine.
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